mod ssl and open ssl for https

Installing an ssl certificate on a local machine is pretty straightfoward. OpenSSL provides certificates for development. I found this tutorial […]

MVC – and updating xcode to 2.5 for RubyCocoa..

after fighting it for a day.. make sure your SDK is up to date and upgrade to xcode 2.5 or […]

Ajax is just lipstick on a pig

and i just had to post that again… the audience enthusiasm is awesome Thanks Dave… I think my brother would […]

Apache 2 PHP 5 and MySql 5 on Tiger 10.4.11

It took some tinkering.. but it’s done… and it’s not for the faint at heart. Don’t go with the prefab […]

what is a server? …Core Image and Ruby Cocoa!

I recently got an email with a simple question “what is a server?”.. so in the most simple terms a […]

Slice Host, Cake, and Commandshift

…even though it seems they having growing pains with network issues, i’m guessing that the new cluster server at (mt) […]

Bundle Fu, Rails 2.0, Django containers , the Unix-Demiurge, and the all important Readme..

A good thing to note..Media temple put Django containers into beta testing and i’m guessing they’ll release with their cluster […]

Google Android – Ten Million?

or the project page here on code.. Google is giving away $10,000,000 to the best applications. The Open Handset Alliance, […]

on ajax, antisammy, and songbird.

Songbird is a desktop media player mashed-up with the Web. ..take a close look at that favicon? what is that? […]

how to create a website in under a minute..

or hundreds of websites in an hour. try it out.. (click here) I use it as a mockup tool with […]

how to buy and sell artwork… and use ‘search’ commands.

someone asked me recently about investing in artwork.. i said “investing? what… just buy what you like and sell what […]

Apple Leopard

And i’m in even though adobe hasn’t confirmed the compatability of CS3.. they’ll make it work right after three or […]

media temple is awesome

I’ve had hosting at four other companies.. (vpsland, spry, dreamhost, godaddy) and I’ve had dealings with many of the others… […]

onion skin

terminal time..

seaside and rails

Seaside and Rails (The 2007 Goto) from giles goat boy and Vimeo.

papervision 3d

Java Mobile from today’s NYtimes..

and take note of Google’s intention to go mobile and the company wrote about two post ago. > Sun […]

Java, Darwin, UNIX and Osirix

ken tompson and dennis ritchie… and since darwin (whose awesome logo above according to my brother but I think it’s […]

Google, apple, butterfat, skating, and chesspark

so it’s on.. google is building a 600 million dollar facility about 30 miles from my house. post and courier […]

brightcove actionscript embed and Werner Herzog

and what’s up with the violent femmes stuff.. I think I heard a wendy’s commercial? the good thing about brightcove […]

.. no I can’t stop your spam revisited.

* Spam (R) (capitalized) is a registered trademark of a meat product made by Hormel. Use of the term spam […]

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on Ruby on Rails

The next release of Appleā€™s operating system Mac OS X 10.5 will ship with Ruby on Rails installed (read more […]

Cody Lindley & Lokesh Dhakar

thickbox and lightbox… really nice javascript stuff.. thanks guys! Once again, I feel compelled to donate to the cause via […]

Stu Nicholls

This site created by Stu Nicholls,, has some great CSS information. I’ve learned a great deal so far, so […]

Geoff Stearns….

hey thanks.. for sharing the flash and quicktime javascript… swfobject and qtobject are the best, and I wished I had […]

up and running… thanks to:

Vaam Yob… this guy knows code.. the folks at wordpress…. nice work.. and for the use of the […]