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MVC – and updating xcode to 2.5 for RubyCocoa..

after fighting it for a day.. make sure your SDK is up to date and upgrade to xcode 2.5 or higher.. update (from yesterday):just update upgrade to Leopard….solved my rubycocoa and dashcode install issues..
i’m sure theres a doc somewhere that i should of read.. Leopard solves most of it... but i did notice that with my last update to 10.4.11.. Dashcode beta died.. as this seems to be a “hey you guys upgrade to leopard” sort of delio.. that sounds all to much like a Microsoft policy.. and now you’ll need xcode 3.0 and leopard to use Dashcode or just do it the hard way… but if you look around long enough you will find it.. yeah.. file sharers of the world in Amsterdam.
I’ve had some problems running it with xcode 2.5 though so just get Leopard and be done with it. I’m in on leopard.. i just always feel like i spent so much time getting everything just how i like it, and i’m sad to see it all go but a clean machine will do me good.. i’ll give you an update on how it goes.
backups are a good place to start..
hard drives
and for Rails stuff.. mongrel, lighttpd etc..deployment can be tricky on shared hosting ..i’m going to let instiki lie for a bit… and get back to it later.
and the ever important model view controller model.. done in php.. Akelos