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Apache 2 PHP 5 and MySql 5 on Tiger 10.4.11

It took some tinkering.. but it’s done… and it’s not for the faint at heart.
Don’t go with the prefab installers… build it all from source, and be forewarned that it is easy to develop conflicts with an existing apache 1.3 install on a mac..
…please back up your disk and os before you start.. I recovered twice while i was upgrading. These tutorials are helpful …. and another and you’ll want mod python if you want to run Django which requires at least Python 2.x and Apache 2.x… and i might as well update Lighttpd while i’m at it, b/c serving media is better with it using mod python.
php 5
apache config
php admin
no need for leopard now… excepting maybe time machine but i think carbon copy cloner works well.
carbon copy cloner