How Does a Website Know My Name?

Well… it finally happened to me today. While reading the news this morning I noticed that the Bill.com1 IPO managed […]

BioTherm Solutions

Although I’ve mostly stopped posting technology related ramblings on this website, I have to remind myself every so often that […]

WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 & Gutenberg or Why Move Fast and Break things is working out for me.


I like to dabble with new development frameworks for fun. I’ll just check out whatever is the trending and run […]

Privacy and Cookies

I had a chance this weekend to dabble with this personal site. One of the things I’ve been meaning to do is address the European Commissions General Data Protection Regulation, and in particular the cookie policies.

Physicians Directory

I built a hospital physicians directory to manage practices, providers, and specialties.

Today I Learned

I’m often searching online documentation for answers to commands, configurations, and error messages. The problem is that I’ve found myself repeating those searches because of the breadth and depth of the amount of functions and libraries involved in development. My wife suggested I call it TIHIDI (this is how I did it).


Huey is my Hubot (a chat bot from I’ve added in a couple APIs to identify what songs I’m listening to on various platforms and I keep it running whenever I’m working on the machines.


I built a couple little projects for streaming audio recently. My radio page ( is powered by Node.js, Express,, WebRTC, and Redis.

Listing Lists

I am pretty obsessed with lists. Not in an obsessive kinda way, but in a really practical sorta use case […]

wp_title() deprecated

I had a bit of free time today to run some upgrades on my computer and see what’s happening with […]

Chrome Devtools Theme

After a recent Chrome update, I noticed that the elements tab in my development tools theme was no longer functioning and became a bit unreadable with the default styles.

Notes on Rebuilding

I’ve recently put a little bit of my holiday time into rebuilding this website. It’s almost been online for ten […]

Social Programming

While the supposed grand ole days of helpful and responsive use net forums went by before i even opened a […]

Postgres Python update..

Python 2.5.2, Postgres 8.3.1, and Django .96 i’ve been playing around again with python today… i went ahead and upgraded […]

WordPress 2.5

The latest stable release of WordPress (Version 2.5) is now available. hosts 2.7 million WordPress blogs…and in honor of […]

Native Orleanian

Jerry Moran is a photographer in New Orleans that i had met while in a gallery there. He takes a […]

binary data portability

i’m doing this logo for a contest because i believe in the cause and there’s a free iphone to boot.. […]

audiovisual actionscript

Popforge is an Actionscript 3 code sandbox started by Andre Michelle and Joa Ebert…. it’s hosted at google code…. they […]

dynamic flash using ssp director

hey thanks.. imagemagick and todd dominey..who actually did all of the really hard work on this one.. dominey knows what […]

wp – for cms president

and ck it.. Askimet has done a perfect job with spam… I’ve been working with digital stuff (professionally.. barely eaking […]

php5, mysql5, python2.4, ruby 1.8.5, centos5.

all standard pre-installed..time to migrate the dv as it’s a fun saturday thing to do…. on feb 10th mt released […]

iphone gps, where am i? and $40/hr?

Ginny and i found ourselves amused with the “where the hell am i” (as we call it) on the iphone.. […]


so i installed a couple local versions… and then put one on a server to test. Varien has done it […]


nginx (i’m guessing it’s pronounced “engine x”) usage on websites worldwide went up 800% from 07 as compared to January […]

Pear and pdo_mysql in Apache2 on Leopard

seems to be a common issue with leopard’s php install..folks are looking to add the modules for pdo_mysql and the […]

Sun Micro aquires MySQL… SunSQL?

I think it’s a good think for the continued use and development of MySQL. And i’ve noticed the ever adapting […]