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Postgres Python update..

Python 2.5.2, Postgres 8.3.1, and Django .96
django python
python 2.5
django python
i’ve been playing around again with python today… i went ahead and upgraded my postgresql and python on my machine… nothing too tough, although i spent an hour going in loops until i realize that the some of the python scripts were not in usr/local/bin as i always say.. if i’d only read the actual install.txt file before i started hacking away..
django admin.py
i also ran into a problem with psycopg.. tring tring suggested using macports for ver2.. as configuration can be tricky modifying the config for psycopg(PostgreSQL database adapter)
psycopg is different from the other database adapter because it was designed
for heavily multi-threaded applications that create and destroy lots of
cursors and make a conspicuous number of concurrent INSERTs or UPDATEs.
Every open Python connection keeps a pool of real (UNIX or TCP/IP) connections
to the database. Every time a new cursor is created, a new connection does not
need to be opened; instead one of the unused connections from the pool is
used. That makes psycopg very fast in typical client-server applications that
create a servicing thread every time a client request arrives. (**this has something to do with news organizations using ellington) or Django/Python setup with postgres.
Common problems while building psycopg:
1/ if your compiler does not find some postgres headers try copying all the
headers from the postgres _source_ distribution to a single place. Also,
if building postgresql from source, make sure to install all headers by
the “make install-all-headers” target.
2/ if you have the same problem with mx.DateTime, try using the source
directory again; the install script does not copy all the headers, same
way as postgres install procedure does.
3/ under MacOS X you may need to run the runlib program on the posgres
installed libraries before trying to compile psycopg. Also, if you
get compilation errors there is a change your python was not compiled
correctly and psycopg is grabbing the wrong compile-time options from
python’s Makefile. try setting the OPT and LDFLAG environment variables
to something usefull…
i can confirm that this works.