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back to my mac remote desktop

remote desktop
say goodbye to the static ip problems.. the router configuration and your possible denial of service from your ISP… I am doing a great deal of work from an office and (not wanting to give up my old days of working in my pajamas and not showering for days) i needed a way to control a network of several computers, drives and databases from other places as to free up some gasoline and driving time since i live in a very remote location… yes.. ssh, ftp, vnc, telnet etc work but you don’t have a free simple gui to control applications on the other machine.. So… try this from Melvin Rivera.. and now you have the best gui ever.. the other desktop be it mac or pc without the associated costs of .mac or remote desktop from apple or microsoft.. and as for security.. use a dedicated google account not aim or bonjour for it since they use SSL for securing google talk and the file sharing is quick. Now you just have to decide when you’ll need to access the computers or network and use ibeez to manage power modes, so i don’t have to leave the computers on all night.. and Ginny will be happy to know that I can’t wake them back up after 11PM