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Slice Host, Cake, and Commandshift

Slice Host…even though it seems they having growing pains with network issues, i’m guessing that the new cluster server at (mt) – who have had they’re own growing pains) will be similar and hacks don’t have the money for the Engine Yard even though the only way to keep performance and scalability is don’t oversell the box and keep out the suckers (like me) with a smaller client roster and higher prices.
this is a cool tool for cake (cut – paste) .. from Gennit.
Cake Gennit
and remember no matter what your code does
Command Shift
it’s still first impression that garners interest
and once you have it heat maps are good for usability studies.
Crazy Egg
and navicat is good for databases sync-ingwhat else… oh.. flex 3 builder beta is out as a standalone and for eclipse..