I built a couple little projects for streaming audio recently. My radio page ( is powered by Node.js, Express,, WebRTC, and Redis.

Listing Lists

I am pretty obsessed with lists. Not in an obsessive kinda way, but in a really practical sorta use case […]

Jude Acers

I did this painting late last night. It’s really just the underpainting, but the composition is strong. It’s of Jude […]

Black Oil & Stand Oil

these are two of my favorite ingredients. You can get them from any good art supply company. However, I don’t […]


on a recent project.. i ran into some font troubles and learned some stuff along the way.. i’ve heard it […]

Native Orleanian

Jerry Moran is a photographer in New Orleans that i had met while in a gallery there. He takes a […]

Saint John Coltrane

i’ll be… ginny got me a really cool shirt since i have expressed on a number of occasions that ‘lush […]

pill free since 73′

It was a classic lineup on IFC this morning.. after watching the end of the scripts spelling bee movie early […]

dread zeppelin, jackie wilson, and big al downing.

i remember picking it up in about 1990… i think scott woolum got it first.. one way or another.. Ginny […]

montreux jazz festival

and why i must go this year… it’s july 4th – 19th, they won’t release the schedule until mid april.. […]