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Black Oil & Stand Oil

these are two of my favorite ingredients. You can get them from any good art supply company. However, I don’t recommend the black oil and I’m serious considering the toxic effects on my longevity. In doing so, I won’t be re-ordering it again with my concerns about lead poisoning. It can’t be good to smoke the lead either, as I occasionally catch myself with dirty fingertips loading my pipe. Also, it might be noted that it’s much more cost effective to make your own stand oil. Google it, there are some good recipes out there, and however your preference. I think the key is letting it stand for several weeks exposed to the air and or sun. …and yes, we sat out this morning and got a chance to watch the meteor shower. The sky was clear, we live far away from any light pollution and they were coming in every other minute or so, sometimes several at a time, leaving long tails in the sky.