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Jude Acers

I did this painting late last night. It’s really just the underpainting, but the composition is strong. It’s of Jude Acers ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jude_Acers ), a fellow I met in New Orleans last year. He holds two world records for simultaneous play. I like chess, although I’m only a Class C player.. yeah, it’s like grades and that’s just average. I don’t really have enough true enthusiasm for it to get any better, although Gin has been winning against me on occasion and that helps. The painting took me a couple hours and we listened to some good tunes on World Cafe and Osei Chandler’s ‘Roots Music Karamu‘ while Gin turned a thirty year old skirt into a new one. It’s super nice out today, so I’m going ‘en plein air‘ this afternoon, not only because I’m digging it, but also because I’m interested in avoiding participating in the re-do of the flower beds and/or bathing the dogs.