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http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8121187805580982206=en my original machines..

Copyright Royalty Board of the Library of Congress made public Tuesday threatens to increase that royalty more than tenfold

Dear Senators, I am writing regarding some important information about internet broadcasting. that involves the recent ‘settlement’ between the R&R […]

digital publishing

these are the top 10 independent digital shops according to adweek. 1 Avenue A/Razorfish, Seattle $247 mil. Carnival (Carnival Cruise), […]

Ron Motley and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

the The School of New Media offerings this spring semester? and I’ve figured out that Lowell Bergman, a professor there […]

Adobe Apollo


News War

I caught this last night. I think it’s a Windham tradition taking jabs at Strom Thurmond. The clip is from […]

work, work, work…

Happy new year…. it seems that everyone’s on a diet, a budget, and has made some serious goals for themselves […]

Election Rigging

this one came from this guy Aaron Russon who’s endorsing Ron Paul .. from texas in 2008… his .gov page….poor […]

Open Secrets


James Brown

James Brown has a way

Project Gotham Racing

Project Gotham Racing

Tony Hawk Underground

Tony Hawk Underground


Bill Murray in Rushmore

Family Guy

Family Guy Clip

Charleston Home Tour..

Charleston Home Tour is back and completely automated (shell, ruby, sql, xml) for syndicating real estate listings and we’re able […]

Flea Market Montgomery

work, work, work…

Happy new year…. it seems that everyone’s on a diet, a budget, and has made some serious goals for themselves […]

Google Radio and DMarc Broadcasting

Google is allowing some of its existing online marketers to use its automated advertising system to broadcast ads on radio stations around the United States, the company said on Thursday.

Swivel ,Zillow, MS PVR, Neilson and what..

..are the chances that online game play will be next? Adweek Zillow Swivel MS PVR Nielson Ratings Arbitron Multimedia

IPTV again over the last couple days..

With Coca Cola teaming up with Youtube for holiday greetings.. read these Decenber 7th Reuters Reuters – Dec 9th How […]

Alex Tew and Alexa.com

I like to watch the movers and shakers page on Alexa.com and this is creative pop driven culture at it’s […]

with a side dish of IE 7

… my outlook, which my brother jinxed when he asked me why I was still using it.. died on me […]

MS Expression

(REDMOND, Wash. – Dec 4, 2006) Microsoft Corp. today announced significant product line enhancements along with pricing and availability of […]



60 minutes…LocationFree and the death of TV

CBS News site Advertising Age Article A couple minutes ago 60 minutes aired a peice on Netflix and now I’m […]

ruby, mysql, darwin, cygwin, lighttpd, putty, subversion, dhtml, ajax, gis…etc,etc…

ruby on rails Pragmatic Programmer ruby mysql mysql again cygwin ajax State of Rails Putty blog engine in 15 min […]

viral marketing, Take 5, and discovery television

I noticed recently after downloading an educational program from discovery channel…that TLC, Discovery and Travel Channel are really on the […]