E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

I have this folder I keep on my computers that I drop random notes and files in. This video was […]


The video above is a bit from Charlie Rose interviewing Louis C.K.. I really enjoyed the entire conversation and the clip really resonated with me this morning.


Online Radio Listening Habits

Facebook Weirdness

It’s been almost three years now since I’ve used Facebook. Oh, I’ve logged in to get developer keys tune up […]

Listing Lists

I am pretty obsessed with lists. Not in an obsessive kinda way, but in a really practical sorta use case […]

True Stories

Benchmarking Beta

(this site over the last 30 days) Google Analytics released a beta version of something they call benchmarking… it’s good. […]

Advertising and the Idiot Box

let’s face it.. that computer screen you watching as you read this post and it’s parent network of millions of […]

wiki leaks

i had read this on friday in the nytimes and did some follow up.. wiki leaks is ordered to be […]

Open SSL and configuring https..

Open ssl will allow you to generate a unique ssl certificate for your local server.. if you plan on doing […]