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Google, apple, butterfat, skating, and chesspark

so it’s on..
google is building a 600 million dollar facility about 30 miles from my house.
post and courier is reporting the annual payroll to be between 12 and 15 million?
makes me want to know more about maintaining a huge building of servers.
asdreported by the post and courier
and Patrick Archibald has pics
and in more than one way…
Homes not just homepages
and of local interest… this guy has an insightful local blog.
Daniel Conover on Media
and these guys are good Butterfat (sweet name) and look like a very talented bunch and I’m particular impressed with chesspark.
Chess Park

and today I noticed a skateboarder standing with two of the town’s finest in blue.. and I figured it’s got to do with whole skater stink at waterfront park.. I was prevy to transworld at age ten and built two of the ricketyist ramps you ever saw.. so I say if ole joe wants to outlaw skaters, he’ll get the same reaction he did to bikers on harleys.. they’ll all roll into town and start provoking the police with video cameras and what not… and I side with the skaters but if they wouldn’t tear up the marble benches in waterfront then the city might give em some slack.
and ck it.. an authorized apple repair shop also in town.
L2 Technologies
3874 Savannah Hwy. Unit 8
Johns Island SC 29455