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wiki leaks

i had read this on friday in the nytimes and did some follow up.. wiki leaks is ordered to be shut off.. the judge orders the domain registrar.. they comply and thousands of people like me immediately begin posting this link.. so in return it got more press articles like this from CBS news.

“Last week, under pressure from a Swiss bank which said a disgruntled ex-employee had posted stolen documents on the site, Wikileak’s San Mateo, Calif.-based hosting company, Dynadot, agreed to turn off the site and prevent Wikileaks from transferring its domain name to another host.

The Zurich-based Bank Julius Baer & Co. claimed in court papers that a former executive stole the documents, and in some cases altered some of them, though it gave no details. It said the documents were illegally posted to www.wikileaks.org.

The papers allegedly point to money laundering and tax evasion schemes at the bank’s Cayman Islands branch. According to Wikileaks, they refer to “extremely wealthy and in some cases, politically sensitive” clients from the U.S., Europe, China and South America.”

What i find most interesting is the fact that it is very easy to offshore servers in France, the Cayman Islands, Asia, Australia, and elsewhere and it is also very easy to mirror these sites with multiple domains registered in multiple countries, so any organization that is publishing materials from another country will certainly have some blurred legal boundaries here in the states. However, our courts could always decide to regulate the network providers. Since Reagan deregulated the FCC in the 80’s I don’t think we’ll see that sort of thing here. If anyones running the show there, I think it’ll be the providers and I think they’ll self regulate and tax certain networks and servers differently.

And to think we don’t have little popup characters like they do in china to tell you when your looking at something they don’t want you to see…
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