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Turbo Tax

turbo tax
I think i can endorse it…i’m certainly not an accountant or tax expert, but i like knowing exactly how it works vs. paying someone so i don’t have to think about it. i have very little expenses and most of my work is freelance (services) with only some depreciation on computers and cameras.. i drive a good deal and it seems that turbo tax is picking up on all of these things and often double checking. I’m pretty pleased that it sync-ed up with quickbooks and was easy to use… now if i could just find a way to spend less time in quickbooks and more time with design and code… that might help. It seems business is 40% business stuff work (invoicing, emails, meetings, collecting, consulting, phone, paying bills, taxes, and other fluff) and 60% is actual work or services that you provide on a day to day basis. turbo tax

= $0 ..or at least it feels like it.. now if only that government cash incentive was actually enough for me to catch up on my american express account… because right now my 30 year mortgage looks like a life sentence from Lehman Brothers bank. I’m of a school of thought much closer to the the fellow I met yesterday.. Mr Magwood, he called a couple days ago came out yesterday to cut bamboo because (the magwoods are old line fisherman around these parts and could swing a machete like no other seventy year old i’ve met. ) they’ve found that bamboo works as a great for clam and oyster beds.. it holds up in the water much longer than other wood like pine. I gladly trade it for the overall maintenance of the bamboo.. which i might add is quite a bit with near an acre of it… and I always get oysters, clam, fish and crab to boot.. when mentioning i’d been here six years he says “i bought a house back when on sullivans island for $50,ooo and kept it up all my life. i didn’t want to owe anyone anything so i worked it off over the years and it gave me just enough to retire”.
**tech side note: Textmate works great for finding payments from downloadable csv statements.
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