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Meat Less

I just had a mater sandwich and was thinking that recently Gin and I were on the typical end of summer budget after summer vacation and we decided to just eat off the rest of the pantry. It ended up taking three weeks to do and of course we ate off all the good stuff first and during the last week we ate no meat. We’ll… sitting on the couch one those nights, I was like “how do you feel” and she said “excellent, yourself” and I said “top notch, do you think it’s the diet” and we just sat there for a sec and then we said, almost in unison.. “let’s stop eating meat” i’m not going vegetarian tough.. i love steak, ribs, bacon. I like it all… including hot dogs, liver, gizzards, souse, pâté, foie gras, and sausages but I’ve never felt better eating it much less often, which is about how i think nature intended. Try eating meat just a couple times a week like you’re on a farm (pre-freezer days) and you have to kill and butcher them bad boys every time you eat.