BioTherm Solutions

Although I’ve mostly stopped posting technology related ramblings on this website, I have to remind myself every so often that […]

Physicians Directory

I built a hospital physicians directory to manage practices, providers, and specialties.

Holy City Farms

Holy City Farms – Hydroponic Tomatoes – website, logo, and banner.

Notes on Rebuilding

I’ve recently put a little bit of my holiday time into rebuilding this website. It’s almost been online for ten […]

Can’t Buy Me Love

After 10 years, we tied the proverbial knot. I built a fun little site to let some folks know our […]

Pennebaker Hegedus Films

D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus are academy award winning documentary filmmakers. I was lucky to have the opportunity to build […]


The International Journal of Research and Practice on Student Engagement at Clemson University.

Education Next

Education Next is the publication of the Harvard University Kennedy School Program on Education Policy and Governance.

Lemon, Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Leek, & Zinnias

I did this painting yesterday. I woke up early saturday morning (because we made a peach pie on friday evening […]

Jude Acers

I did this painting late last night. It’s really just the underpainting, but the composition is strong. It’s of Jude […]

Black Oil & Stand Oil

these are two of my favorite ingredients. You can get them from any good art supply company. However, I don’t […]