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Holy City Farms


An old friend of mine contacted me a while back about helping him design a logo, banner, and building a website for his new tomato business. The good news for me is that I’ll have all the tomatoes I can ever eat, because over the years I’ve learned that I prefer to do business with family and friends only on a trade out basis. My buddy graduated college with a computer science degree and worked quite a number of years as a software developer before diving head first into hydroponic farming of heirloom tomatoes. Aside from my experience, he might have contacted me because of my love of a good home grown tomato. Many years ago I started a Facebook group about growing tomatoes where he was a member and I was able to watch him scale up from a small hobby greenhouse to thousands of square feet of automated hydroponic goodness. Needless to say, this one was all my pleasure to build. It took me a couple days on the logo and graphics and a couple days on the site itself. I hope this website will serve him well until he’s ready to start shipping or automating the processing of orders. Until then, you can taste his tomatoes at some of the better restaurants in Charleston and at the John’s Island Farmers Market. I hope his business can really scale up sustainably and I know I’m going to be stopping by for a visit every time I’m in town.

You can visit the website at www.holycityfarms.com