Around the end of every year I always start thinking about goals and reflecting on the past. I suppose that’s […]

How Does a Website Know My Name?

Well… it finally happened to me today. While reading the news this morning I noticed that the Bill.com1 IPO managed […]

Keeping Machines Clean

Every year about this time, likely albeit unknowing in an effort to stave off doing taxes, I always seem to find myself doing a routine computer cleaning.

Lemon Tree

I just noticed that the Sorrento citrus limon tree I’ve taken care is finally putting out fruit.

It’s Electric

We got a new car a couple weeks ago. It’s an electric BMW i3 and we nicknamed it ‘toasty’.

The Simpsons

I shot this video of the rain yesterday morning because I had a tablet in my hand playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out. I’ve also been meaning to write something about The Simpsons for a long time, so here it is:

Make America Great Again

I had my dad and some friends believing me for a couple weeks on a bluff I had going on where I said that I bet $50,000 with 3/7 odd in Vegas on Trump.

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

I have this folder I keep on my computers that I drop random notes and files in. This video was […]


Sometime ago when I was a teen I remember riding in the boat late one evening while camping on an island with friends and toasting the start of my own secret society. We called it the ‘No Bullshit Club’.

Non-Linear Publishing

Linear thinking and publishing seems to not only persist, but have a strangle hold in the information age. The timeline […]

Collaboration vs. Competition

I think people are too competitive and not collaborative enough. Sometimes, after I’ve repetitively thought about it numerous times, I […]

Facebook Weirdness

It’s been almost three years now since I’ve used Facebook. Oh, I’ve logged in to get developer keys tune up […]

Internet Troll

I think the term ‘Troll’ is appropriate for how some folks communicate online. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_Internet ) Someone told me recently […]