The Magical Number Seven

It seems that almost every time I’m involved in designing a new user interface for an app or website, I […]

BioTherm Solutions

Although I’ve mostly stopped posting technology related ramblings on this website, I have to remind myself every so often that […]

It’s Electric

We got a new car a couple weeks ago. It’s an electric BMW i3 and we nicknamed it ‘toasty’.


I built a couple little projects for streaming audio recently. My radio page ( is powered by Node.js, Express,, WebRTC, and Redis.

Listing Lists

I am pretty obsessed with lists. Not in an obsessive kinda way, but in a really practical sorta use case […]

Holy City Farms

Holy City Farms – Hydroponic Tomatoes – website, logo, and banner.


This is an Adobe Illustrator file that took quite a bit of time and likely a bit of caffeine to complete.

FITC Amsterdam How Boston

i’ll take a moment of silence to wish that i was in amsterdam starting tomorrow for the FITC conference.

binary data portability

i’m doing this logo for a contest because i believe in the cause and there’s a free iphone to boot.. […]

Slice Host, Cake, and Commandshift

…even though it seems they having growing pains with network issues, i’m guessing that the new cluster server at (mt) […]

Electric Rain to Support Papervision 3D

“Swift 3D will also be capable of converting existing models in the .3DS and .DXF file format into Papervision3D projects, […]

Luuk Bode


although i’ve yet to do any licensing.. but after searching through what feels like millions of photos.. Corbis has the […]

onion skin

papervision 3d

brahma bus

Papervision3D & Prometeus

This is a really cool Papervision3d demo from Carlos Ulloa Matesanz and then there’s this video I found on Den […]

CAD pdf 3d collaboration..and after effects.

Adobe Acrobat 3D Adobe Labs After Effects and my cs3 finally shipped… and they said they’re back ordered to high […]

Microsoft Silverlight vs Adobe Media Player and I was supposed to be able to get my cs3 upgrade today?

Today at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters conference (NAB2007), Microsoft and Adobe have gone tit for tat with product […]

Harvery Mudd

if they don’t lead back to UC Berkley than Mudd has something to do with it. my brother and I […]


found it here.. and then this for selling tv ads for the cricket world cup CHALLENGE Sell airtime […]

Alvin Toffler, Future Shock, Futurama, FITC Awards, and the Wii controller for flash api…

awesome bunch this year.. FITC Finalist and roxik didn’t make it.. but he should of maybe they should go naked […]


cs3…in the uk and On March 27, 2007, at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time, Adobe Systems will host a webcast of […]


Deny Sri Supriyono – Deep Blue

My new favorite design resource for CSS links

Stu Nicholls

This site created by Stu Nicholls,, has some great CSS information. I’ve learned a great deal so far, so […]

My Chair

This bamboo chair is 32 years old and pretty good for playing guitar.