Almost half of the work I do each year is project work for private clients while the other half is on contract for agencies and companies. As much as it sounds like fun working from home, freelancing can be a daunting work schedule because of the ups and downs involved with juggling timelines and clients. Most of my work comes from personal referrals. But when they don’t, here are some brief guidelines on how I work.

1) I prefer to work on one project at a time in order to optimize my output and creative energy. Please check the calendar on my about page for availability because I try to schedule work up to six months in advance.

2) Once you’ve contacted me with some minor details, I will schedule an interview to ask questions before providing you with an estimated cost and timeline for your project. If the proposal suits your budget, I’ll ask you to sign an Independent Contractor Agreement for the work.

3) In order to engage high quality clients, I charge a $500 retainer fee up front and I bill $50 per hour for any work delivered. I guarantee client satisfaction on all deliverables and will not bill for any additional hours to meet that goal. However, I will bill for any time spent consulting or training via chat, phone, or email.

4) I am not a full service advertising agency as I prefer to focus on creative deliverables only. If your project goals are more suited to a full service agency I will gladly recommend one I work with. Likewise, If your project can be filled with a pre-built solution at a lower cost, I will be glad to recommend a solution for you.

6) I am not interested in partnerships, shares, or equity in your company.

7) Software and web development will require regular maintenance. I will support anything I build for the lifetime of the project at the same billable hourly rate. Additional features and major updates will be written up as separate contract work.

8) On rare occasion, I’ve had to outsource project work to other developers under tight deadlines. I try my best not to do so, but I retain a small network of associates who can assist.

9) I retain the right to reject a project when requests outside the scope of the initial contract misalign the project goals.

10) I like to love my work and happy clients are what make it possible. If you are in anyway known as difficult to work with, please don’t contact me.

If all of these make sense to you, please head on over to my contact page and let’s get started.