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viral marketing, Take 5, and discovery television

I noticed recently after downloading an educational program from discovery channel…that TLC, Discovery and Travel Channel are really on the ball when it comes to interactive programming like Take 5
ok, so Ginny and I are liking this kid Bevis who stars in Take 5.. a show on the Travel Channel.
Kudo’s to discovery channel… wasn’t that another ted turner deal.. I’m starting to like him more and more and he’s starting to look like a blind magi of some sort the way he talks and swaggers about looking as if he’s thinking into some deep conciousness that he fell into. He’s smart.. period…
So the show is called 5 Takes.. the premise is that these kids travel the U.S. and Europe on small budgets and film the whole thing with a skeleton crew. The show isn’t over produced and focused in on the interpersonal dramas of the travellers as MTV might do.
.. it’s highly interactive online. The travellers visit spots posted on the website’s message boards and keep blogs and vlogs along the way. As we were watching last night, I was able to read the same messages that the cast members were reading to make desicions on their interaries. The online community is big.. there were over 50,000 votes cast on thier next destination city of San Francisco and they are accepting message board entries on where to visit… They publish the show via itunes, the members capture thier own footage that is featured on the vlogs, they have online chat and the cast members are picked up from user submitted videos….
it’s interactive at it’s best and I can forsee a huge market for this with it’s tiny budgets, quick turnaround time, and general viewer involvment. Chase bank sponsors the whole show and I would imagine that they are very happy with the results.. if you get a chance and have cable 🙂 .. check out the show.
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