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on Google…

every morning now, it seems like google is top billing in at least one of the major rags…. so here are my thoughts on it..
Google is awesome, no doubt about it…
in my adwords report this week.. I see they are now offering beta versions of thier applications.. gmail, calender, chat, and a wysiwyg web page publisher. I went ahead and put it on a domain just to test.
Sweet easy configuration and each account will take 25 users. They host it all..
Demirugic Design Demo
This can be a great application for a small business that wants email, chat, calenders, and simple webpages that they can easily control on a customizable unique web address.
They’re also offering google video adwords now… ie… videos will be viewable from the search topics in the sidebar
now this is beautiful for me… I can produce just the videos needed for these advertisments and place them through my accounts… so if your a web or advertising firm that needs some short video production that won’t cost you $300-$500 hr post production, I’m easy to track down….but for now.. that’s enough playtime with google’s new apps and time to knock out some paying client’s sites before I get too bogged down playing with widgets, API’s and google apps. I had heard the death of the desktop was just around the corner with this web 2.0 stuff and now I can easily forsee this happening… just give most people a web browser, document editor, email, photo editor, and a place to save and retrieve files and that’s all they need… so google is right on the money and that is why thier stock has risen over 600% in three years… so don’t say that it’s overvalued unless you really understand the evolving nature of computer usage. I even saw bill gates saying that same thing on Charlie Rose the other night. Bill… just because google paid x billion dollars for utube and their isn’t any financial gain just from the mass amounts traffic, abc didn’t have a problem jumping on the bandwagon and that doesn’t mean that google doesn’t have a longer term plan with how people will experience media in the near future.
But I will say this, Bill Gates certainly seemed more relaxed than he’s ever been, knowing that he’s out from under the helm of the microsoft beast… just before the vista release. blah blah blah.. back to work.