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TWiT Podcast Network & Vernissage.TV

After reading some more info on Rauschenberg , I ran into this site Vernissage.tv. I’ve noticed the proliferation of sites like this that use content distributed by RSS feeds. I found about 2000 listed, about 100 in the US, many are TV station, univeristy, or special interest affiliated and not all of them have continuous content. And then there are the clearinghouse sites that just link to all of the content like Jumptv.com, and NeepTV.com. The best distribution through outlets like Itunes , so let’s go ahead and get a framework up for managing a videocast and audiocast from contributors on two domains that can pull content in now via rss. I like TWiT.TV, you should pick up thier feed. OS X Leopard will intergrate this heavily with Front Row and I’m sure Vista will have something along the same line.