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multi user website

i think every company should have a multiple user website…right now i’m building a site for approx 100 users.. and i’ve put a bunch of thought into just how to do this so that it is effective… . i think multiple user sites can be a great way for a team to collaborate and that every company should have one. ..for this one.. i’ve set up google apps into the admin pages to share documents (powerpoint, files, images, spreadsheets, word docs, contracts etc) a mobile phone interface and a twitter like communications page where as a group anyone can leave messages and information to everyone or anyone within the group.. i’ve decided to use wpmu bc security is not that high of a priority..considering that the information shared from this group of users is not medical or legal info, but rather information and market analysis….about six months ago i began running a couple wordpress multi-user sites to test them out… they have worked great… i even let one run up to about 300 splogs (spam logs… ie fake robotic users go in and create accounts that often link to world of warcraft crap, porn and the like) just to see the server and mysql responses… and don’t worry i had the urls blocked from search engines so i’m not to blame when you land on that template link farm page (link farm – pages filled with advertising and links to other sites). the point is.. i learned what works and what doesn’t for stopping the spam and using wpmu for permanent and secure sites.. if you’re doing the same.. i’d like to point your attention to these.. at least until i publish the site.. and then i’ll point your attention there.