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I lost on Jeaopardy

The DOW is 11% down since monday ~ “sorry about that slip up in the DOW today, I meant to press the million button, not the billion one”. Oh..also a governor in Russia and the president of the international chess association says he speaks to aliens telepathically when they visit. Cheech took the semi’s, so he’s up for the million in the finals this evening and I’d like to see him take it for the Hispanic Scholarship fund. Likewise, i’m also surprised that celebrity jeopardy only has 400 some facebook fans (http://www.facebook.com/CelebrityJeopardy), just saying? doesn’t “I’ll name my baby megatron and this pickle have millions of fans and something beaming into millions of homes every evening following the news only as 400. odd eh?

I tried out for Jeopardy and I got past the first two tests. I missed three questions on the final test of 20 for the screen test though. The answers were Grover Clevelend, Peter Parker, & waldorf salad.