David A. Windham


Seattle and Atlanta… nice move homie.
I am running the same setup as ALF with CentOS4 but the more recent PHP.

Seattle – FARPOE
Coupled with some of the largest fiber optic connections to the Asia Pacific region, Seattle is a logical choice for any colocation footprint. Peering partners include the Microsoft Corporation and 32 major cable and data providers. The Westin Building is the premier telecommunications hub and carrier hotel for the Pacific Northwest. The Westin Building offers a strategic colocation and attractive hosting location featuring carrier neutral telecommunications facilities in downtown Seattle. Our Cisco network is configured to limit your server to the same specs found on a T1 line. This means that you can have up to 1.544 megabits inbound and outbound at the same time. It’s 500GB of bandwidth a month. Users are able download files from your server at approximately 190kB/s.

Atlanta – ALF
Our servers are located in a state of the art Data Center in the prestigious Carrier Hotel located at 56 Marietta in downtown Atlanta GA. Our Data enter maintains Gigabit Connectivity to multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers including: AT&t, BTN (Beyond the Network), WV Fiber and Level 3. Private Peering includes Global NAPs, Epik, Ga Tech, PeachNet, Great Access, US Carrier, and CET Networks. 56 Marietta is home to the third-richest fiber network hub in the US, giving us convenient access to every major telecommunications provider in the country.
Our Data Center’s network equipment consists of 12008 and 7507 Cisco routers, 5505 Cisco switches, Foundry NetIron, as well as Riverstone 8600 and 3000’s. Their routers contain the latest IOS (operating system), and BGP4 routing. This allows name space broadcasting to multiple backbone providers, ensuring better redundancy. Thus, if one connection goes down, another will take it’s place immediately. Our Data Center has all the standard support systems required by any modern facility. Electrical power is provided by 3 separate sub-stations. This is the same power grid that supports the Federal Reserve Bank, less than 2 blocks away. With this superior power infrastructure, you can be assured that power will never become an issue. Our Data Center features top-of-the-line security systems, closed-circuit cameras, security patrols and restricted floor access.

Seattle – Spry.com
Atlanta – VPSland.com