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gotta love it.. i was dragging this morning.. opened my email at 6:30am and sure enough there was my high school prom picture (thats me in on the far left with the strange expression) staring me in the face some 15 years later. (how about this one – with some sort of blasé 80’s attitiude) Nostalgic.. yes and cool for the fact that it’s so easy to network with anyone nowadays. I get emails from the most random people just google-‘ing’ my name and for the most part my brother always accuses me over researching into prospective clients ‘files’. But I think it’s good to keep everything in the open as it makes everyone accountable for who they really are and have been… it’s always the transient types that sketch me out, or the LLC that has was just created by a guy who’s had twenty of them in various states. I like being able to find out about a persons past and i think most people will agree.. just remember that if you put it online.. it may go down in your “permanent record” as i like to tell people. I have a great respect for a master craftsman of any trade and it really shows when someone has been focused and successful with only one thing for years. That’s all i need to know about a person. And what is networking anyway? I got a note under my wiper blade on my windshield after work one afternoon that said something to the tune of “former scad alunmi.. call me we’ll network” .. what is that? is that like being business friends or something.. network. I don’t want business to ever dictate who my friends are and i say to myself…self “my friends are just progressive.. ahead of the curve, it’s just a matter of time before fishing, gardening, art, bicycles, woodworking, organic farming and teaching really will stand a chance of being as profitable as legal, health care, insurance, hedge funds, ceo, lobbyist, stock option having, oil money, banks, developers, agencies, offshore manufacturers, investment groups, and box franchisees suck us dry”… then i wake up and smell the coffee…and read my emails.. and remember that ‘social networking’ site as folks like to call facebook is no different than the “who you know, not what you know” adage of days past.. I think i’m going to dig through my old photos and move them all online just for fun… so i’ll go ahead and take the glory on my teenage looks with this one before i put up everyone elses pictures… and for those of you who actually need to get some work done online… try this link

face book developers
REST and FBML (facebook markup language) has me a bit taken aback .. i’ll try to make the time.
facebook ruby
facebook app

and for those of you skeptics about facebook… here’s a quote from yesterday’s Business Week.
facebook businessweek
These edges are fertile with innovation because participation requires such a small investment in time and money. Last fall, psychologist B. J. Fogg taught a class at Stanford University in which he assigned students to develop Facebook applications. During the 10 weeks of the class, 73 students developed applications such as Kiss Me, Oregon Trail, and Secret Admirer, that have since resulted in 25 million installs and, by the end of the class, were attracting about 1 million daily, active users. These applications have generated more than $500,000 in ad revenue since September. At least three companies were formed by students in the class.

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