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about color…and how images differ online

It depends on the users display, settings, processor, and video cards.

The average monitor resolution is 72dpi (dots per inch)
(printers are 300-1200dpi)

A pixel always refers to an individual picture element on an LCD or CRT device (screen)
these are common computer monitor settings
– 1280 x1024
– 1024 x 768

I run – 1920×1200

Computer monitors use the RGB model
(printers use the CMYK model)
– red, green, and bue light in various amounts create the range of colors from black to white.
– use 24 to 32 bits of info per pixel
– at 24 bits, each channel (R,G,B) gets 8 bits
– since a bit is bianary, it 2 to the 8th = 256
– 256 shades of each color (256x256x256) = 16,777,216 possible colors