Sketch Keyboard Shortcuts


Shortcut Description
, Preferences
H Hide Sketch
H Hide Others
Q Quit Sketch
Q Quit and Close All Windows


Shortcut Description
Tab / Tab Cycle Through Layers in the Current Group
R Rename Current Layer/Group
H Hide/Show Layer/Group
L Lock/Unlock Layer/Group
Enter Group
Escape Collapse Current Group


Shortcut Description
Space Hand Tool
Z Zoom Tool
Escape Exit Current Tool
2 Zoom to Selected Layers
3 Scroll to Selected Layers


Shortcut Description
N New
O Open
W Close
W Close All
S Save
S Save As
S Duplicate
E Export
P Page Setup


Shortcut Description
Z Undo
Z Redo
X Cut
C Copy
V Paste
D Duplicate
A Select All
: Show Spelling and Grammar
Edit Currently Selected Layer
C Clone colour


Shortcut Description
V Vector
P Pencil
L Line
R Rectangle
O Oval
U Rounded Rectangle
T Text


Shortcut Description
B Bold
I Italic
= Bigger
- Smaller


Shortcut Description
F Find Layer


Shortcut Description
+ Zoom In
- Zoom Out
0 Actual Size
1 Center Canvas
1 Toggle Layers List
2 Toggle Inspector
3 Toggle Layers and Inspector
R Toggle Rulers
G Toggle Grid
P Toggle Pixels
L Toggle Layer Guides
H Toggle Selection Handles
T Toggle Toolbar
F Enter Full Screen

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