TextMate Cheat Sheet


⌘Command, ⇧ Shift, ⌃ Control, ⌥ Option/Alt, ⎋ Escape, ↩ Enter/Return, ⌫ Backspace, ⇥ Tab
⌘? Help
⌃⌘⌥B Bundle Docs/Editor
⌘S Save File
⌘W Close File
⌃⌘S Save Project
⌃⌘W Close All Tabs in Project
⇧⌘W Close Project/Window
⌃⌘R Reveal in Project
⌃⇧⌘R Reveal in Finder
⌃⌘⌥D Toggle Drawer
⌘T Go to File... (supports abbreviations)
⇧⌘T Go to Symbol... (supports abbreviations)
⌃ ⇧A Ack in Project
⎋ Complete
⌘L Go to Line...
⌃U Convert to Uppercase
⌃ ⇧U Convert to Lowercase
⌃ ⌥U Convert to Title Case (Entire Line)
⌘↩ Newline After Line
⌘] Increase Indent
⌘[ Decrease Indent
⌘⌥[ Auto Indent
⌃⇧J Join With Next Line
⌥⌫ Delete to Previous Word
⌃K Delete to End of Line
⌃⇧K Delete Line
⌃⇧N Statistics for Document (Word Count)
⌘⌥W Toggle Soft Warp
⌃Q Wrap Text
⌥⌘R Filter Document Through Command
⌃⇧O Open Project in Terminal
lorem⇥ Insert Lorem ipsum dolor...
⌃W Select Word
⌘⇧L Select Line
⌘⇧B Select Enclosing Brackets
⌘⌥A Edit Multiple Lines
⌥ Change to Column Selection
⌥ drag Column Select
⌘⇧ arrow Move Selection
⌃_ Toggle camelCase / snake_case / PascalCase
⌘/ Toggle Comment
⌃" Toggle Quotes
⌃H Docs for Language
⇧↩ New Method
⌃↩ Descriptive Newline
⌘⌥↩ Insert Semicolon at End of Line
if⇥ If Statement
ife⇥ If Else Statement
:⇥ Key Value pair
Ruby on Rails
⌃H Ruby and Ruby on Rails Docs
%{ Toggle Block Style (do..end / {})
⌘⇧H Create Partial from Selection
⌃⇧M Quick Migration
⌃L Hash Arrow
cla⇥ Class Definitions
mod⇥ Module Definitions
ea⇥ Each
resources⇥ Create Resource Controller
mcol⇥ Modify Column
mtab⇥ Modify Table
mind⇥ Modify Indexes
dir⇥ File.dirname(FILE)
:⇥ Key "value" pair
:,⇥ Key Value pair
f⇥ Anonymous Function
:f⇥ Object Method
⌃< Insert Open/Close Tag
⌃H Lookup W3 Docs
⌘⌥. Insert Close Tag
⌘& Url/Entity Encode/Decode
⌃⇧W Wrap in Tag
doctype⇥ Insert Doctype
!⇥ Conditional Comments

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