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the question i hear too often…

“junk emails?? what do I do”
1) Do not publish or enter your personal info or email address in anywhere unless you know the companies reputability with privacy rights and you consent to email communications. (now this is particularly shady when it comes to many marketing outfits and credit agencies because they share and resell you info to third parties and it can be passed on enumerable times causing a mass amount of solicitation. I always take credit card offers, shred them and stick them back in the return envelope.. this way they pay for them.. I just hope they recycle the paper)
2) If you recieve any unwanted emails.
a)unsubscribe online (usually tiny text link at the bottom) call them if it’s 1-800
**do not reply to emails because. no use..the person recieving the email if any will not be able to remove your name from the database ‘spreadsheet’ in which it is contained and may only spur futher marketing attempts.
d)Report it to the Federal Trade Commission
Send a copy of unwanted or deceptive messages to spam@uce.gov . The FTC uses the unsolicited emails stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive spam email. Let the FTC know if a “remove me” request is not honored. If you want to complain about a removal link that doesn’t work or not being able to unsubscribe from a list, you can fill out the FTC’s online complaint form at www.ftc.gov. Your complaint will be added to the FTC’s Consumer Sentinel database and made available to hundreds of law enforcement and consumer protection agencies.
Whenever you complain about spam, it’s important to include the full email header. The information in the header makes it possible for consumer protection agencies to follow up on your complaint.
* Send a copy of the spam to your ISP’s abuse desk
Often the email address is abuse@yourispname.com or postmaster@yourispname.com. By doing this, you can let the ISP know about the spam problem on their system and help them to stop it in the future. Make sure to include a copy of the spam, along with the full email header. At the top of the message, state that you’re complaining about being spammed.
* Complain to the sender’s ISP
Most ISPs want to cut off spammers who abuse their system. Again, make sure to include a copy of the message and header information and state that you’re complaining about spam.