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On occasion I like to share music with folks in real time. If I’m running it, you can press the play button above to listen along. The streaming music is coming from my office to a server in Atlanta and back to wherever you may be. I am using an Icecast streaming media server and I’ve also set up an small node.js/express.js app which broadcasts the stream, has real-time chat, and keeps track of the music played. You can tune in at

I enjoy listening to music and I spent quite a bit of time doing so. I’ve gone entirely digital in recent years. I sold my collection of albums years ago and I donated my CD collection to a music student at Vanderbilt. I now have a collection of about 100,000 files that I keep on a networked hard drive. I do pay for ad-free streaming services, but I agree with artists who want a better revenue model from streaming. The analog/digital debate is null in my opinion. I use Polk in my living room and Klipsch in my office. In the car, I most often use playlists I’ve created and I rarely tune into a radio or satellite stations even though I have service. On occasion, at home I like to tune into terrestrial stations that stream to help find new music, but I’ve found almost all of the robot mixes from the big streaming providers unsatisfying. Another benefit of going entirely digital is that I collect data on my listening habits which I’ve listed below. There are some anomalies because I may leave an album on repeat when I’m falling asleep or a song on repeat to get psyched up before a tennis match. *Using 12 categories is too limiting and on the monthly chart, I’ve capped the count at 200 tracks.


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