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Brother Theodore & some other stuff about film and interesting people.

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Who Is Brother Theodore?
And how has he garnered the admiration and friendships of such people as Billy Crystal, Norman Mailer, Eric Bogasian, and Woody Allen? His television appearances have spanned from Merv Griffin to Dick Cavett to David Letterman. His diverse movie experiences have joined him with Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and Tom Hanks. His one-man Off-Broadway show, which has drawn audiences from around the world, ran for 17 years. He is considered one of the most influential monologuist in American theater.
Who Is Brother Theodore? is an acknowledgement and preservation of the incredible journey of this most unique performer, philosopher, metaphysician.

Writer / Director: Jeff Sumerel
Producers: Jeter Rhodes, Peter Wentworth, Jeff Sumerel
Editor: Jeter Rhodes

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Using “bare bones” equipment, Jason Brown and Jeter Rhodes created a unique world of 2D, computer-generated environments and effects, as well as hand made oil pastel illustrations. In 2005, Apple accepted the short for a video Podcast at the iTunes music store.

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