You are cordially invited

to celebrate the marriage of

David A. Windham


Ginny L. Gast

Saturday, The Twenty-Seventh Of September
Two Thousand Fourteen

This site has is best on a large screen!

No need to dress up, no need to wrap gifts.

Just stay at home, and send us a good wish.

We appreciate your love and cheer.

But we're off on our journey, to start a new year.

About 10 years ago
a guy named Dave met a girl named Ginny.
Soon after, the two would take a trip to New York City.

Days and weeks and many more,
The couple found love they could not ignore.

They dwelled in cities, the trees, and farm,
Each would have its newfound charm.
And then one day came when they decided to marry.
They had made it 10 years, after all, it’s not so scary.
Money can’t buy love, this they knew.
But it sure could pay for a trip, to start anew.

So tip your hat to these big-hearted.
Who are embarking on a journey to where it all started.
To jumpstart another decade, with its ups and downs.
New experiences and perhaps new towns.

But have no worries for this one of many couples.
Because they’re a good team and together can tackle life’s troubles.
For it is their love that will make them last.
This guy named Windham and girl named Gast.

  •    We're very happy just to have your blessings. Please feel free to message us via or Truth be told, we don't really need any wedding gifts as we've been living together for almost ten years now and have already managed to acquire far too many household goods. If you'd like to contribute, we figured that you might want to pitch in on our honeymoon items to send us off right into this next chapter.

    David & Ginny

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